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Alice Cooper Announces Star Studded Halloween Week For His Radio Show

October 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Alice Cooper celebrates his eternal love for the infernal holiday on his syndicated classic rock radio show Nights with Alice Cooper with a week of Halloween-themed programming, plus a special bonus sixth night with a spook-tactular Halloween night show on Saturday, October 31st. The week of programming will feature an impressive array of ghoulish Halloween guests and contests hosted by the shock rock icon. Alice hosts the internationally syndicated show for five hours each weeknight from 7pm-Midnight, and for the Halloween holiday season, the shows airing the week of October 26th will be packed with unexpected guests, contests and music, as Cooper celebrates his favorite holiday by ‘Keepin’ Halloween Alive”!
Additionally, Alice will do a special 6th night of programming on Saturday, October 31st, giving all his ghoul and boils an extra night of Halloween fright–plus creepy classic rock, terrifying trivia, spooky stories and songs and tales from Alice’s own crypt!

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper

Scheduled guests, contests and segments for the week of Oct. 26-31 include: “Keepin’ Halloween Alive” “Cooper-oke” contest. Sing Alice’s single, make a video, win $1,000, $500 or $250 at * Halloween, Clockwork Orange and Entourage actor MALCOLM MC DOWELL * Rocker/director/writer ROB ZOMBIE * Exorcist queen LINDA BLAIR * Metal Monsters GWAR* Singer Joe Elliott from DEF LEPPARD * Win KILLER & SCHOOL’S OUT vinyl signed by ALICE COOPER and original drummer NEAL SMITH* SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters/TAPS founders JASON HAWES and GRANT WILSON * “Star Wars” segment: ACE FREHLEY VS. KISS

Nights with Alice Cooper is produced and distributed by the United Stations Radio Networks. Alice anchors 30 hours per week of original Classic Rock programming which boasts 110 affiliates broadcasting a combination of weeknight and weekend programming around the globe. Alice’s time slot reaches 1.1 million listeners (12+) each week, and his affiliates have a weekly reach of over 6 millions listeners. Visit for more information.


38 bands the USSR banned

October 22, 2009 1 comment

A secret Cold War document has been revealed, listing bands the Soviet Union refused to allow to be heard in youth discos – and while the usual suspects are high in the ratings there’s a few surprising entries too.

The Sex Pistols, Iron Maiden, Kiss, Judas Priest and AC/DC all appear, as might be expected. But alongside them are some

Banned in the USSR

Banned in the USSR

surprising entries, including “punk violence” acts Madness and Blondie, and “neofascist” performers Julio Iglesias and 10cc.

The People’s Cube has translated the paper into English, detailing the reasons why 38 acts were not to be heard in the USSR during the mid-1980s. The site editor explains: “We never saw it before because it was for internal use only, but we felt the invisible presence of such lists throughout life in the Motherland.”

It’s a stark illustration of the strict limits imposed on freedom in the Soviet Union of the 1980s, even though the era of change which would see the collapse of the USSR and and the end of the Cold War was only a year away.

The Soviet Komsomol, the Communist Party for young people, released the banning order in 1985, stating: “The following is a list of foreign music groups and artists whose repertoires contain ideologically harmful compositions.

“This information is recommended for the purpose of intensifying control over the activities of discotheques. This information must also be provided to all vocal-instrument ensembles [that’s bands] in the region.”

The list, approved by Head of the General Department of the Obkom of Komsomol, explains why each band is not to be publicised.

“Group Name and Type of Propaganda”

1. Sex Pistols – punk, violence

2. B-52s – punk, violence

3. Madness – punk, violence

4. Clash – punk, violence

5. Stranglers – punk, violence

6. Kiss – neofascism, punk, violence

7. Krokus – violence, cult of strong personality

8. Styx – violence, vandalism

9. Iron Maiden – violence, religious obscurantism

10. Judas Priest – anticommunism, racism

11. AC/DC – neofascism, violence

12. Sparks – neofascism, racism

13. Black Sabbath – violence, religious obscurantism

14. Alice Cooper – violence, vandalism

15. Nazareth – violence, religious mysticism

16. Scorpions – violence

17. Genghis Khan – anticommunism, nationalism

18. UFO – violenct

19. Pink Floyd – distortion of Soviet foreign policy (“Soviet agression in Afghanistan”)

20. Talking Heads – myth of the Soviet military threat

21. Perron – eroticism

22. Bohannon – eroticism

23. Originals – sex

24. Donna Summer – eroticism

25. Tina Turner – sex

26. Junior English – sex

27. Canned Heat – homosexuality

28. Munich Machine – eroticism

29. Ramones – punk

30. Van Halen – anti-Soviet propaganda

31. Julio Iglesias – neofascism

32. Yazoo – punk, violence

33. Depeche Mode – punk, violence

34. Village People – violence

35. 10cc – neofascism

36. Stooges – violence

37. Boys – punk, violence

38. Blondie – punk, violence

Singled Out: Dead By Sunrise and Alice Cooper

October 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Normally for singled out we ask artist to expand upon their new singles. For this special edition we have two artists give us the quick rundown on their new songs. We kick off with rock legend Alice Cooper and his new Halloween single “Keepin’ Halloween Alive”.

Here is what Alice had to say about it: “At home my family all gathers around an old spooky tree decorated with skulls and bones in the living room, and we exchange gifts. It’s our holiday. We even all have matching black-and-orange

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper

Halloween sweaters! I wanted a theme song for people like me, and for us Halloween never ends. In the chorus I say, ‘I’m keepin’ Halloween alive, baby, 3–6–5’… and I mean it!” He adds, “We played it live as a band to capture the vibe. It was the easiest work I think any of us have ever done, not to mention a blast!”

We also hear from Dead By Sunrise guitarist Amir Derakh who tells us a little bit about the band’s song “Crawl Back In”: “The song itself is about the purity of who you are before you’re born, and then when you get older, you want to get back to the same purity of youth. The video shoot was actually pretty easy. We all shot separately on the rocks. It’s fairly easy for us – really cool location, and we just did our thing”.

Check out the song and learn more about the band and album on: