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Y&T (originally known as Yesterday & Today) is an American hard rock/heavy metal band formed in 1974. They hail from Oakland, California. The band released two studio albums on London Records as Yesterday & Today in the 1970s, before shortening their name to Y&T and releasing several albums on A&M Records beginning in 1981, as well as albums on Geffen Records, Avex Records, and others. The band was originally co-managed by Herbie Herbert (who also managed Journey) and Louis “Lou” Bramy. The band has sold over 4 million albums worldwide to date.


Early years (1972–1983)

In 1972, Leonard Haze, Bob Gardner, and Wayne Stitzer had an unnamed band in Oakland, CA playing only cover tunes. Dave Meniketti auditioned for the job of guitar player in 1973. Shortly after, the band received a call for their first gig, but they needed a name. According to Meniketti and Haze, Leonard chose the name of the album that was playing on his turntable at that moment–“Yesterday and Today”— a compilation from The Beatles. The first lineup—which only played cover tunes (not original music)–consisted of Haze on drums, Stitzer on piano, Gardner on bass, and Meniketti on lead vocals and lead guitar. After Wayne Stitzer quit the group, Bob Gardner went from bass to rhythm guitar and piano, and Phil Kennemore was brought in on bass. In 1974, Gardner left the group and was replaced by Joey Alves. The band, then, began writing original material. Read more…

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