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Singled Out: Dead By Sunrise and Alice Cooper

Normally for singled out we ask artist to expand upon their new singles. For this special edition we have two artists give us the quick rundown on their new songs. We kick off with rock legend Alice Cooper and his new Halloween single “Keepin’ Halloween Alive”.

Here is what Alice had to say about it: “At home my family all gathers around an old spooky tree decorated with skulls and bones in the living room, and we exchange gifts. It’s our holiday. We even all have matching black-and-orange

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper

Halloween sweaters! I wanted a theme song for people like me, and for us Halloween never ends. In the chorus I say, ‘I’m keepin’ Halloween alive, baby, 3–6–5’… and I mean it!” He adds, “We played it live as a band to capture the vibe. It was the easiest work I think any of us have ever done, not to mention a blast!”

We also hear from Dead By Sunrise guitarist Amir Derakh who tells us a little bit about the band’s song “Crawl Back In”: “The song itself is about the purity of who you are before you’re born, and then when you get older, you want to get back to the same purity of youth. The video shoot was actually pretty easy. We all shot separately on the rocks. It’s fairly easy for us – really cool location, and we just did our thing”.

Check out the song and learn more about the band and album on: http://www.myspace.com/deadbysunrise

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