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IRON MAIDEN – Eight Songs Written For New Album, Heading Into The Studio Soon

January 4, 2010 Leave a comment

New York-based Friday Night Rocks / That Metal Show host Eddie Trunk has issued a new blog featuring a holiday update and some music news (found here). Following is an excerpt from the blog offering an update on IRON MAIDEN courtesy of drummer Nicko McBrain:

“Got a call from Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain last night (January 1st). Nicko just opened a new restaurant in Florida called Rock & Roll Ribs. Said it’s gone well and he is planning an official grand opening soon.

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Maiden pay tribute to Monty Python

October 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden makes an appearance in the upcoming Monty Python documentary DVD, paying tribute to the iconic British comedy troupe.

Almost The Truth (The Lawyers’ Cut) includes over seven hours of material and extras, including new interviews with Pythons John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam and “the dead one” Graham Chapman.

One of Chapman’s last onscreen appearances was as the star of Iron Maiden’s 1988 video for the single Can I Play With Madness, in which he played a strict schoolmaster who winds up a victim of band mascot Eddie.

Dickinson joins a cast of thousands (most of whom didn’t make the cut) in the DVD tribute which is released on Monday.

He tells Bryan Reesman: “Python is in your DNA. If somebody says ‘Upper Class Twit of

Very naughty boy: Life of Brian

Very naughty boy: Life of Brian

the Year’ it takes me right back.

“Python was huge – absolutely huge. It was compulsory viewing. Parents thought it was insane and morally reprehensible and the BBC were going to take it off the air.

“My parents just thought it was weird. That’s good, isn’t it? Anything your parents think is weird is a good thing to watch when you’re 11 or 12 years old.

“All the classic sketches stick with you. If you did Latin with a psychopathic Latin teacher, the bit in Life of Brian where Brian’s doing the graffiti and gets all his tenses wrong… it hits home, rather close and personal.”

Rock Radio will bring you the chance to win copies of Almost The Truth next week.

38 bands the USSR banned

October 22, 2009 1 comment

A secret Cold War document has been revealed, listing bands the Soviet Union refused to allow to be heard in youth discos – and while the usual suspects are high in the ratings there’s a few surprising entries too.

The Sex Pistols, Iron Maiden, Kiss, Judas Priest and AC/DC all appear, as might be expected. But alongside them are some

Banned in the USSR

Banned in the USSR

surprising entries, including “punk violence” acts Madness and Blondie, and “neofascist” performers Julio Iglesias and 10cc.

The People’s Cube has translated the paper into English, detailing the reasons why 38 acts were not to be heard in the USSR during the mid-1980s. The site editor explains: “We never saw it before because it was for internal use only, but we felt the invisible presence of such lists throughout life in the Motherland.”

It’s a stark illustration of the strict limits imposed on freedom in the Soviet Union of the 1980s, even though the era of change which would see the collapse of the USSR and and the end of the Cold War was only a year away.

The Soviet Komsomol, the Communist Party for young people, released the banning order in 1985, stating: “The following is a list of foreign music groups and artists whose repertoires contain ideologically harmful compositions.

“This information is recommended for the purpose of intensifying control over the activities of discotheques. This information must also be provided to all vocal-instrument ensembles [that’s bands] in the region.”

The list, approved by Head of the General Department of the Obkom of Komsomol, explains why each band is not to be publicised.

“Group Name and Type of Propaganda”

1. Sex Pistols – punk, violence

2. B-52s – punk, violence

3. Madness – punk, violence

4. Clash – punk, violence

5. Stranglers – punk, violence

6. Kiss – neofascism, punk, violence

7. Krokus – violence, cult of strong personality

8. Styx – violence, vandalism

9. Iron Maiden – violence, religious obscurantism

10. Judas Priest – anticommunism, racism

11. AC/DC – neofascism, violence

12. Sparks – neofascism, racism

13. Black Sabbath – violence, religious obscurantism

14. Alice Cooper – violence, vandalism

15. Nazareth – violence, religious mysticism

16. Scorpions – violence

17. Genghis Khan – anticommunism, nationalism

18. UFO – violenct

19. Pink Floyd – distortion of Soviet foreign policy (“Soviet agression in Afghanistan”)

20. Talking Heads – myth of the Soviet military threat

21. Perron – eroticism

22. Bohannon – eroticism

23. Originals – sex

24. Donna Summer – eroticism

25. Tina Turner – sex

26. Junior English – sex

27. Canned Heat – homosexuality

28. Munich Machine – eroticism

29. Ramones – punk

30. Van Halen – anti-Soviet propaganda

31. Julio Iglesias – neofascism

32. Yazoo – punk, violence

33. Depeche Mode – punk, violence

34. Village People – violence

35. 10cc – neofascism

36. Stooges – violence

37. Boys – punk, violence

38. Blondie – punk, violence

Ed Force One will fly again

October 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood says the band are planning

On air: Maiden and Ed Force One

On air: Maiden and Ed Force One

to tour on Ed Force One next year. Maiden became the first outfit in history to travel round the world in a customised jet during their Somewhere Back in Time tour, as detailed in award-winning movie Flight 666. The Boeing 757 carried musicians, crew, gear and guests with singer Bruce Dickinson, a qualified airline pilot, at the controls. Rock Radio exclusively revealed in April that Maiden had committed to making a new LP. Now Smallwood has confirmed that, and he also says the Brit-winning band will take to the air again in 2010. Speaking in the Iron Maiden Fan Club magazine, the manager says: “It took a long time to set up the last tour because of the plane. It had never been done before and we didn’t know what we were letting ourselves in for. The idea came a couple of years before that and we got into it a year ahead of the game. “I’m starting to get my head round what we’re going to do next summer. It hasn’t been decided yet but we’ll do something, so I’ve got to speak to promoters and agents. “Now we know the plane works, by Christmas we’ll have the pattern set. We’ll probably be going for the plane and getting that held for us. “But at the moment, the album’s the key thing on the agenda. The guys will be getting together shortly and they’re probably starting to get their heads round new ideas for songs individually. Some of them may meet up before we formally get together. “We’ll spend a period writing, we’ll take Christmas off and then we’ll get into recording. We’ll finish the album in time for it to be out next year and I’m just getting my head round what we want to do touring-wise. “We’ll be doing some new places on the next tour. I won’t tell you where they are – they’re not finalised yet, but some work has been done. One place we can’t play that we’d like to is Bolivia – the altitude is just too high for the type of physical performance the guys do. It’s a shame.”

Iron Maiden Discography

August 14, 2009 Leave a comment
  • Iron Maiden (1980)
  • Killers (1981)
  • The Number of the Beast (1982)
  • Piece of Mind (1983)
  • Powerslave (1984)
  • Somewhere in Time (1986)
  • Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (1988)
  • No Prayer for the Dying (1990)
  • Fear of the Dark (1992)
  • The X Factor (1995)
  • Virtual XI (1998)
  • Brave New World (2000)
  • Dance of Death (2003)
  • A Matter of Life and Death (2006)
  • TBA (2010)

iron Maiden Awards

August 14, 2009 Leave a comment
BRIT Awards
  • 2009: Best British Live Act — Iron Maiden
Ivor Novello Awards
  • 2002: International Achievement — Iron Maiden
  • 2004: Yleisöäänestys – Vuoden ulkomainen artisti (Foreign artist of the year) — Iron Maiden
  • 2008: Yleisöäänestys – Vuoden ulkomainen artisti (Foreign artist of the year) — Iron Maiden
Kerrang! Awards
  • 2005:Kerrang! Hall of Fame — Iron Maiden
Metal Hammer Awards
  • 2004: Best U.K. Act — Iron Maiden
  • 2008: Best U.K. Band — Iron Maiden
  • 2008: Icon Award — Eddie the Head
  • 2009: Best U.K. Band – Iron Maiden
  • 2009: Best U.K. Act — Iron Maiden
  • 2009: Golden Gods Award — Iron Maiden
Metal Storm Awards
  • 2006: Best Heavy Metal Album — A Matter of Life and Death
SXSW Film Festival
  • 2009: 24 Beats Per Second — Flight 666

iron Maiden Band members

August 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Current members

  • Steve Harris – bass, backing vocals, keyboards (1975-present)
  • Dave Murray – guitars (1976-present)
  • Adrian Smith – guitars, backing vocals (1980–1990, 1999–present)
  • Bruce Dickinson – lead vocals (1981–1993, 1999–present)
  • Nicko McBrain – drums, percussion (1982-present)
  • Janick Gers – guitars (1990-present)
  • Michael Kenney – live keyboards (1986-present)

Former members

  • Doug Sampson – drums, percussion (1977–1979)
  • Dennis Stratton – guitars, backing vocals (1979–1980)
  • Paul Di’Anno – lead vocals (1978–1981)
  • Clive Burr – drums, percussion (1979–1982)
  • Blaze Bayley – lead vocals (1994–1999)