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Ten Little Known Facts About Led Zeppelin

led zeppelin

Led Zeppelin was formed in 1968. The group was comprised of Robert Plant, 60, on vocals. Jimmy Page, 65, on lead guitar, John Paul Jones, 63, on bass guitar, and the late John Bonham on Drums.

Many rock and roll writers consider Led Zeppelin to be the very first heavy metal band. They definitely had a guitar-driven sound.


1. The band’s original name was Unled Blimp (which was suggested by Dusty Springfield).

2. Lead singer Robert Plant’s real name is Roberto Mata (Mata is Spanish for Plant).

3. The town of Meeteetse, Wyoming, in 2007 voted to change the town’s name to Led Zeppelin, Wyoming.

4. The name Led Zeppelin, in Polynesian, means baby crickets who drink lots of mud and eat triple-sized cottonballs.

5. The song “Livin’ Lovin’ Maid, (She’s Just A Woman)” was written about Pedalette Jo Terracotta, who was Jimmy Page’s upstairs maid. She later ended up marrying the prime minister of Luxembourg.

6. The album cover of “Houses of The Holy” has been banned in Arkansas, Russia, Mississippi, Bolivia, and Chattanooga.

7. Led Zeppelin was once the opening act for Marie Osmond.

8. Jimmy Page reveals that former President George W. Bush wrote him and asked for permission to use their song title “Good Times, Bad Times” as the title for his upcoming autobiography. Page emailed him back with a five-word reply, “Nope, nope, and hell nope!”

9. Led Zeppelin written backwards spells Del Nileppez, which coincidentally is the name of the man who designed the Good Year blimp. His full name is Fuller Del Nileppez.

10. Led Zeppelin action figures are the biggest sellers in Cuba. The sales have even surpassed those of Cuban heroes Fidel Castro and his brother Raul Castro.

In related news. PBS recently announced that its Led Zeppelin documentary entitled, “LZ” broke the all time PBS record for having the largest viewing audience.

The show even surpassed the 1997 show, “The Sandwalkers – Prostitutes of The Kalahari Desert” and the 2001 show “The Bali Burger King – The Only 24-Hour All-Nude Hamburger Restaurant on Earth.”

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