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Metallica Make History

Metallica received a big Christmas gift from Nielsen SoundScan with news that their Black Album has reportedly earned a historic distinction. BW&BK has the story:

Metallica’s self-titled album from 1991 (known as the black album) has surpassed Shania Twain’s 1997 CD “Come On Over” to become the best-selling album since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking sales for Billboard on March 1, 1991. Metallica has sold 15,490,000 copies whereas Come On Over has sold 15,487,000.

Yahoo’s chart watch says that ” Metallica is the only fourth album to head Nielsen/SoundScan’s “release to date” chart, which lists the albums that have sold the most copies in its history.” more Interestingly, the RIAA website shows that the Twain album is 20 times platinum (20 million). The SoundScan numbers are based on actual sales where as the RIAA base their numbers on the number of albums that the record company has shipped. The latest numbers we have from SoundScan were from last year’s recap where they show Metallica with sales of 15,319,000 and the Twain album with 15,473,000, so this looks legit to us!

The RIAA site says that the Metallica self-titled album earned its latest multi-platinum award on November 13th when it was recognized for shipping 15 X platinum. (15 million). Guess they were a little behind.

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