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Merry Slashmas

Slash took to his Myspace blog on Wednesday to issue a holiday message and also to update fans on what he has been up to and provide the latest update on his forthcoming solo album. Here is what he had to say:

Greetings enthusiasts, how is everybody doing this festive season? All’s well over here in the City of Bangles. I’ll be Staying in town for the holidays, but I’m doing a poker tourney in the Bahamas 1st week of January, which is a benefit for “The Foundation for AIDs Research,” or AMFAR. It should be a cool trip & it’s for an important cause.

The mastering session of my solo record is done. We did it at Sterling Sound with George Marino, who is hands down the most genius mastering engineer I’ve ever worked with. He is the perfect engineer to best bring out the dynamic nuances of the analog recording & I’m ecstatic with the results.

Although, it is not in my nature to brag about how good the performances are or how good the songs are, I will say, between Eric Valentine & George Marino it is a fucking great sounding record.

We are now in the process of mixing the special bonus tracks which should be done next week. Then, we will master those & be done with the whole recording, mixing, mastering process.

I should be signing a US distribution deal in the coming days, I will announce who with as soon as I do. We’re still looking at an April release so far.

I’ll be at the NAMM show next year announcing the New “Slash model” Marshall, as well as a new signature Les Paul & a signature set of Seymour Duncan pick ups, all of which will be available early in the new year. I played the new “Slash model” prototype with the new Seymour Duncan pick ups at the KLOS Christmas Show at the Nokia recently & they sound fantastic. The performance was a little loose, but the guitar sounded great ; )

Anyway, things have been pretty busy around here. Until next time, have a great holiday & happy new year, 2010 is going to be killer! Iiiii|; ),

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