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Zakk Wylde Offers To Temp for Ozzy

Say what you want about Zakk Wylde but he is taking the highroad in his firing by Ozzy Osbourne as this Rock Radio report shows: Zakk Wylde says he’d rejoin Ozzy Osbourne’s band to stand in for new guitarist Gus G any time.

Osbourne fired Wylde during the summer, leading to a series of outbursts where the Black Label Society mainman slammed his former mentor, saying he hadn’t been told about his sacking directly and that Osbourne should “man up and pick up the phone”.

But he’s calmed down now, and says his relationship with the man he calls ‘Dad’ is back on track.Wylde tells Poparazzi: “Gus G is a great guitar player. Oz was like, ‘Zakk, you’re doing the Black Label thing.’ Our relationship is bigger than music anyway – he’s the godfather of one of my kids.

“Whenever he needs me – like if Gus had to go home because his wife was pregnant or something – I’d come out on the road and fill in.”

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