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BON JOVI To Appear On Saturday Night Live

According to Therockradio.com, BON JOVI has booked an appearance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live on December 12th when Twilight Saga: New Moon star Taylor Lautner will host. The appearance is just one of many the band has done to plug its new album The Circle and the single ‘We Weren’t Born To Follow’.

Bon Jovi has busy year ahead. The group kicks off a world tour in 2010 and also has a greatest hits coming out next year. Although specific details haven’t been announced frontman Jon Bon Jovi says the collection will include a few new songs, along with the band’s hits from recent years, including the 2000 single ‘It’s My Life’. Bon Jovi looks back on writing the lyrics for the song, which he says became anthem: “It had been a while since we had a band record. Almost four years. That was me at the time. And that was all it was. It was very self-indulgent. Unbeknownst to me, anyone – everyone wants to think their in control of their life. And that song became an anthem for the every man or the athlete, or the kid that’s rebelling against his folks. Who knew? But when it comes from that pure place, people then make it their own.”

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