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Aerosmith’s Tyler is living on the edge

Aerosmith: Game over?

Aerosmith: Game over?

Aerosmith may be on the verge of splitting after all, according to Classic Rock Magazine, who are reporting that singer Steven Tyler is considering a solo project while the rest of the band are open to the possibility of replacing him.

Tyler tells the mag: “I don’t know what I’m doing yet but it’s definitely going to be something Steven Tyler, working on the brand of myself: Brand Tyler.”

Meanwhile guitarist Brad Whitford says the rest of the band will be gathering in the near future, probably without their singer, to discuss the future – and even replacing their frontman.

Whitford explains: “I’m not sure how good that would look. Nobody could replace Steven, or imitate him – he’s one of a kind. But if someone was willing to do it and the chemistry was right, why not?”

The comments follow guitarist Joe Perry’s comments about Tyler being free to do his own thing as long as he informed the band in time, and also saying the band was on “temporary hiatus” while they decided if they had enough to offer to keep going.

In the aftermath of Tyler’s stage fall, leaving him with a broken shoulder and leading to the cancellation of their US tour with ZZ Top and the suspension of their new album, rumours circulated that the singer was no longer communicating directly with the band, that his management were at odds with Aerosmith’s management, and even that he was being advised to develop a solo career.

It was also rumoured he was drinking again – an allegation he refuted.

Classic Rock confirms Tyler’s dressing room was some distance from his bandmates’ when they played the F1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi at the weekend – their last scheduled performance. But the mag also reports the show was a killer, with Perry saying: “On a good night Aerosmith can top any band in the world.”

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