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Lord’s Deep Purple quit dilemma

Lord: Hardest decision

Lord: Hardest decision

Deep Purple founding member Jon Lord has spoken about the dilemma he faced before quitting the band in 2002. The keyboardist formed the band in 1969 with guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and drummer Ian Paice, and was the only member asides from Paice to feature in every lineup until he retired. In an interview on Russian TV Lord explains that, while he was still passionate about Purple’s music, he felt he had other priorities too. He says: “Things take on a different perspective as you get older. “Me and Ritchie created Deep Purple – it was a wonderful time and the greatest glory of my whole life, but at the end of the 1990s I started to feel there were some other things I wanted to do as a musician – and catastrophically I had no time. “Deep Purple still work at an insane tempo – 70, 90, 100 gigs per year. I had to choose between what I love and what I also love. “In 2002 I made the decision and left the band. It was the hardest decision of my whole life – but after seven years I can say that it was right.” Purple singer Ian Gillan recently revealed the band, who will tour the UK in November, are preparing to write and record a new album. Current keyboardist Don Airey took over Rock Radio to play his favourite tracks last weekend – find out what he played and what he had to say about his choices.

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