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Worst rock bands of the 2000s?

Those sarcastic slithermerchants at Gigwise have set out on another scathing slating session – and this time they’re listing the 20 worst bands of the first decade of this century.

While they’ve done the decent thing and called the Jonas Brothers the worst thing to come out of the music bizz since 2000, they’ve also taken swipes at seven rock acts. And Justin Hawkins gets in there twice – once for the Darkness and once for Hot Leg.

Hawkins: Slapped twice

Hawkins: Slapped twice

Here’s the condensed list of Gigwise’s worst rock outfits of the decade, and the harsh words they had for each…

7: The Darkness
“Mock-rockers who benefitted from from a temporary loss of irony awareness, they pillaged the deepest atrocities of 80s hair metal. Luckily they’ve split now.”

6: Sum 41
“In Too Deep wasn’t that bat but they’ve been ploughing the same furrow for far too long. Maybe Deryck Whibley’s split with Avril Lavigne will inspire him to write inspired songs of heartbreak? We doubt it.”

5: Theory of a Deadman
“Anyone who opens a song with ‘So sick of the hobos’ and chastises them for ‘sitting around’ while he has to work is a special kind of idiot. A grubby little band who don’t deserve one percent of their success.”

4: Hot Leg
“The final nail in the dodgy cock-rocker’s career – another vaguely comedy hair metal band.”

3: Towers of London
“Probably the worst band of the decade musically. To further plummet any scrap of credibility, lead singer Donny Tourette, real name Pat, appeared on Celebrity Big Brother alongside Leo Sayer and Jermaine Jackson.”

2: Busted
“If ever there was proof that British music was in a dire state in the first half of the naughties, it’s this. Worse, the band members went on to spawn the equally turgid McFly, Son of Dork and Fightstar.”

1: Tokio Hotel
“A painfully bad band aimed at the kind of people who find Good Charlotte too extreme. Don’t even get us started on singer Bill’s native American head-dress hair and brother Tom, who appears to dress in clothes an obese basketball player has given him.”

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