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Wakeman joins Anderson in slating Yes

Legendary keyboardist Rick Wakeman says he has no respect for the current lineup of the band, and agrees with former frontman Jon Anderson that the band shouldn’t be using the name ‘Yes’ without them.

Rick Wakeman

Rick Wakeman

Rock Radio recently told how Anderson had slated the band for replacing him with tribute singer Benoit David. He said: “I think it’s inappropriate and not respectful to the fans. People have bought tickets thinking I’m on the tour. They should not tour as Yes.”

Now Wakeman has backed up his former bandmate, telling Classic Rock Revisited he thinks of the touring act as nothing more than a tribute.

He says: “Jon is completely justified. I think most fans would agree. But it’s all over with regards to the classic lineup – I just get on with my life and my music.”

Wakeman doesn’t talk about the band with son Oliver, who’s replaced him on keys. “I got him the job, as it happens,” he explains, “But we don’t discuss it at all. I don’t have any respect for the current tribute band that’s out there.

“You can’t have Yes without Jon.”

He also reveals that he and Anderson are “really good friends” and always tended to socialise separately from the rest of the band, of which bassist Chris Squire is the only remaining original member.

And Wakeman takes the time to discuss some of the myths about his larger-than-life career.

He says it’s not true that financial backers lost confidence in his live staging of The Six Wives of Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace, or that King Arthur on Ice left him bankrupt, or that he bought his first keyboard from a famous actor who thought it was broken. But it is true he had a keg of beer amongst his keyboard setup and he burned three mellotrons in a field in Switzerland.

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