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Metallica Set New DVD Release

We knew this DVD was coming but the big news is you don’t have live in France to get your hands on it. Here is the announcement: Metallica are poised to release a live DVD entitled ‘Francais Pour Une Nuit’ (translation: French For One Night) on 23 November. This will be their first ever French concert DVD. It was filmed at the Roman Coliseum in Nimes, France in July of 2009. In keeping with this Franco-phile theme, the DVD will be available in retail stores in France only. However, due to a strong demand from Metallica fans around the world, ‘Francais Pour Une Nuit’ will be made available on a direct-to-consumer basis through Universal Music (www.metallicanimes.com), as well as the band’s own website (www.metallica.com).



‘Francais Pour Une Nuit’ is an electrifying full length live DVD. The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse -that is, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo- ride into Nimes and make their entrance into the Coliseum, through the gladiator’s tunnel, before performing an explosive set of Metallica music. Fans can also look forward to some exclusive backstage footage.

‘Francais Pour Une Nuit’ is unique in that not only was it filmed in France, but ALL aspects of the project are French…other than the band themselves, of course! The concert was filmed, recorded, and edited with French camera and recording crews; the artwork was created by a French design team (including a one-of-a-kind special package); even credits are in French.

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