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Hammet closes down Big Four tour

The much-rumoured Big Four thrash metal tour is not going to happen, says Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett.

Gossip has been swirling for months over Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax hitting the road together, especially after Dave Mustaine of Megadeth appeared to make amends with Slayer’s

Kirk Hammet

Kirk Hammet

Kerry King over the feud that’s stood between them for nearly 20 years.

Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo recently commented that plans were on the table, although nothing firm had been arranged, while members the three other acts made positive noises about the idea.

However, Hammett now states no such tour will take place, and his words have the sound of permanence about them.

He says: “That tour is not gonna happen.

“I’ve been hearing that. We’ve all been hearing it for a while. I get asked regularly. It’s a good idea and I can see the significance of playing a tour like that.

“There’s conflicting schedules, conflicting personalities – a lot of conflicting things. It’s not gonna happen.”

While everyone’s been generally positive about the idea, recent comments seem to support Hammett’s position on conflict. Mustaine has said he wouldn’t want to play on an ‘in-the-round’ format stage, which is the setup Metallica have been using, while King has said he doubts Mustaine’s ability to “not be an asshole”, and has added he thinks Machine Head would be a better fit than Anthrax, to which that band’s Scott Ian said: “I guess Kerry missed Sonisphere”.

Meanwhile, Megadeth bassist James Lomenzo has been discussing the eccentric Dave Mustaine. He tells Metal Exiles: “I think some people will get this – Dave has a very delineated way of looking at things. His synapse in my mind occurs with lightning speed. Where as some of us have a southern drawl when it comes to thinking he is always snap-snap-snap.

“Everything we do is gone over and quality-controlled, which he’s exceptional at. He’ll make sure the rhythms are where they need to be, and I think that is where the control of the chaos goes.

“The duality of his nature is that he has an erratic side, an angry side and a good-natured side. But when it comes to Megadeth he understands what that thing is. Even though you are going to unleash the hounds on a Megadeth record make sure those hounds are well fed and groomed.”

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