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Winger: This is the album fans wanted

Kip Winger says new album Karma is a deliberate attempt to give fans exactly what they want, rather than exploring new musical directions. The Winger mainman feels free to indulge the audience because he has other outlets for experimentation these days.

He tells May The Rock Be With You: “I told guitarist Reb Beach I wanted to do a cross between the first record and Pull – and that’s what we did.

“We spent time jamming on riffs and when we got some riffs we dug, we started putting them together.”

Winger have always been known for going their own way musically, which, Kip admits, has led at times to fans being disappointed. He cites the example of In the Heart of the Young being “a more experimental

Winger: What the fans want

Winger: What the fans want

record” and says Pull was “the real record of our band.”

And with his career as a symphony composer growing comfortably, Kip is happy to do his experimentation there and concentrate on groove and riffing when it comes to his rock output.

He says: “I write a lot of classical music now, so I kinda separated those two things.

“Right now I’ve got a couple of symphony premiers and stuff. So I set out to make this record really straight-ahead, just in-your-face rock. I wanted to go with what I’ve heard the fans want. It’s really just trying to bring out the elements of what I’ve known people dug about our band the most.”

Karma, Winger’s fifth album, is released on October 16 in Europe and October 27 in the USA.

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  1. Abrianna Music
    October 17, 2009 at 4:31 am

    In time, Vai would become known for his own original compositions, and though his albums struggled on the charts, rock fans.
    Abrianna Music

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