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Skynyrd proud of pro-guns stance

Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Johnny Van Zant isn’t shaken by the backlash caused by calling their new album God & Guns.

He says the band stand by their belief in both Jesus Christ and the right to bear arms no matter how many people have a problem with that. And he says the biggest backlash has come from Europe.

Skynyrd: Still outspoken

Skynyrd: Still outspoken

Van Zant tells Billboard: “We were just in Europe and with everybody the first question was: ‘What is the meaning of this? God and guns?

“We believe in God. I think my bandmate Rickey Medlocke says it best: ‘Any religion you believe in, you should be able to pray to.’ For me personally, that’s Jesus Christ and the Lord above.

“But it’s a scary world out there. Believe me – if someone were to try to come into my house, I’d want to be able to protect myself.”

God & Guns was released at the end of last month and features the singles Still Unbroken and Simple Life, along with the challenging title track and opinionated numbers That Ain’t My America and Unwrite That Song. A 2-CD special edition has also been released, with the second disc featuring three studio and three live tracks.

Despite his statements, Van Zant explains he doesn’t own a handgun himself, and he doesn’t believe that everyone is entitled to do so.

“We’re not saying that every idiot out there should own a gun,” he says. “There should be better background checks on guns – not everybody should have the right.”

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