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Metallica Launch iPhone Ap

Napster Bad, But iPhone good! Metallica may have made headlines a few years back with their battle against Napster, but since then the band has been one of most forward thinking when it comes to using technology. Case in point: Metallica announced a new iphone application this week. Here is what they had to say:

In our ongoing efforts to be of service and give you as many options as possible in the digital era, we asked the brainiacs that help us out with LiveMetallica.com to come up with a super cool iPhone application that creates a streaming interface to your LiveMetallica account. In non-tech talk, that means that any show you have downloaded from the site will automatically stream to your iPhone once you launch the $.99 app. And the bonus is that the latest show on the site will always be streaming for free!

It’s pretty simple, search “Metallica” in the iPhone App Store to find the Live Metallica app. Purchase the app, log into your existing LiveMetallica.com account or register as a new user, and voila . . . every show you’ve purchased is there under the “listen” tab, along with a free stream of the latest show on the tour! You can listen to samples of over 5,300 live songs from close to 300 shows, and if you hear something you like, purchase it through the app and it will automatically stream on your phone . . . of course you can download your purchase to your computer later at your leisure. Shows from the free “Vault” section of the site are always streaming, and you can check out photos and notes from almost every show going back to 2004 when the site launched.

Just like any new technology, we’re already thinking about what comes next, so please give us your feedback and ideas. And yes, a version is in the works to accommodate the addition of single track downloads from the site. Naturally we’ll keep you posted on all the developments!

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