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Kiss make up with Oshawa

Kiss made amends with Canadian fans last night when they gave a small Canadian venue a full-power live show.

The glam heroes were slated last month after they ran an online competition to win a tour visit on their Alive 35 trek. The city of Oshawa polled more votes than anywhere else, but was left off the first release of tour dates, to massive criticism. The band said they never intended to snub the city, and had just

Kiss All talk AND all action

Kiss All talk AND all action

not announced a date they’d booked, but then rescheduled the show to earlier in the tour. Last night they delivered the goods, playing a full-power two-hour set, even though Oshawa’s General Motors Centre has a capacity of 7000 – significantly smaller than other venues on the tour.

Frontman Paul Stanley asked the crowd: “Did you really believe we weren’t going to come to see you?

“We’ve been to Moncton, we’ve been to Sudbury, we’ve been to Saskatoon – we’ve never been to ‘Shwa. Tonight we change that. We love the big cities but it’s cities like you who make it all happen.”

Councillor Robert Lutczyk, who led the voting campaign and then criticised the band after the perceived snub, said: “The spirit was unbelievable – it wasn’t so much about Kiss, it was about Oshawa winning a contest. So everybody came out.”

Meanwhile, motormouth bassist Gene Simmons has been at it again, slamming anyone who doesn’t agree with his way of doing things. In a wide-ranging interview with Billboard he rants his way through a series of topics. Here are some of his best quotes:

On the planet: “Earth – that’s not a cool name for the planet. ‘Planet Kiss’ – now you’ve got something. If every inch of ground is Kiss ground, the air you breathe is Kiss are and the food you eat is Kiss food, we’ve got something. Brand everything – and you should pay us every step along the way.”

On rock music: “McCartney cannot write a single shred of music, nor can Jagger or Hendrix, and so on. We all do what we do by the seat of our pants – except some of ours are made of leather and are tighter.”

On Kissmania: “That’s not even a description of it. We owned your children. They looked like us, painted their faces like us, walked like us, knew our songs. Eventually they had children and named them after our songs.”

On illegal downloading: “I don’t believe in anything for free. If you try to break into my house I’ll shoot your head off. But fans were allowed to break into stuff that people created and take it without paying for it, and that is nobody’s fault but the record industry. I’ll let you know when I want to give my stuff away for free – I don’t want you to determine that.”

On doing it for love or money: “Anybody who wants to do it for free should give me any dollar they don’t want. We gave birth to Kiss and do I want to get paid for it? You bet I do.”

On being professional:“It’s self-respect – just do it for yourself. Shit out the Axl Rose disease in your system.”

On what other bands get wrong: “They don’t listen to Gene Simmons.”

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