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World Tours Deep Purple

World Tours

Deep Purple are considered to be one of the hardest touring bands in the world.  From 1968 until today (with the exception of their 1976-1983 split) they continue to tour around the world. In 2007 they received special award for selling more than 150,000 tickets in France with 40 dates in the country in 2007 alone.

Deep Purple during the Deep Purple 40 Years Anniversary Tour, in Tel Aviv, Israel at Hangar 11, September 2008

Deep Purple during the Deep Purple 40 Years Anniversary Tour, in Tel Aviv, Israel at Hangar 11, September 2008

In 2007, Deep Purple’s Rapture of the Deep Tour was voted #6 concert tour of the year (in all music genres) by Planet Rock listeners.  Rolling Stones’s A Bigger Bang Tour was voted #5 and beat Purple’s tour with only 1%. Deep Purple released a new live compilation DVD box, Around the World Live, in May 2008. In February 2008, the band made their first ever appearance in Moscow Kremlin at the personal request of Dmitry Medvedev who at the time was considered a shoo-in for the seat of the Presidency of Russia. The band is part of the entertainment for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2009 in Liberec, Czech Republic.

* Deep Purple Debut Tour, 1968
* Shades of Deep Purple Tour, 1968
* The Book of Taliesyn Tour, 1968
* Deep Purple European Tour, (pre-tour for In Rock) 1969-1970
* In Rock World Tour – 1970-191
* Fireball World Tour, 1971-1972
* Machine Head World Tour, 1972-1973
* Deep Purple European Tour 1974
* Burn World Tour, 1974
* Stormbringer World Tour, 1974-1975
* Come Taste The Band World Tour, 1975-1976
* Perfect Strangers World Tour, aka Reunion Tour 1984-1985
* The House of Blue Light World Tour, 1987-1988
* Slaves and Masters World Tour, 1991
* Deep Purple 25 Years Anniversary World Tour, aka The Battle Rages on Tour, 1993
* Deep Purple and Joe Satriani Tour, 1993-1994
* Deep Purple Secret Mexican Tour (short warm-up tour with Steve Morse)
* Deep Purple Secret USA Tour 1994-1995
* Deep Purple Asian & African Tour 1995
* Purpendicular World Tour, 1996-1997
* A Band on World Tour, 1998-1999
* Concerto World Tour, 2000-2001
* Deep Purple World Tour, 2001-2003
* Bananas World Tour, 2003-2005
* Rapture of the Deep World Tour, 2006-2009

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